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FRONTERA® Pastry Products

The pastry shop is the art which teaches us how to prepare delicious dishes and how to present them in more more pleasant ways for all categories of customer satisfaction.

Following the market study conducted by our company found that the demand for pastry products is growing steadily, both quantitatively and as value.

We have a demand in progress determined primarily by the fact that Frontera® brand products are accesible to all categories of consumers.

Frontera Bakery pastry products are balanced in terms of calories, so they can be consumed both by adults and by children.

Our offer records an obvious diversification either due to proposals from customers or because of our own initiatives.

    The complete list of FRONTERA® pastry products:
  • Cheese triangle- 100 g
  • Apple strudel- 100 g
  • Crokets- 200 g
  • Pressed cheese bows - 100 g, 250 g, vrac
  • Pressed cheese bars- 100 g, 250 g, vrac
  • Mini crescent rolls- 100 g, 250 g, vrac
  • Filled donuts (chocolate, peaches, forest fruits, vanilla, strawberries)
  • Polish pretzel- 100 g
  • Pound cake with jelly, cocoa, nuts and raisins- 600 g
  • Cream filled roll- 100 g
  • Jam tart- 100 g
  • Gingerbread- 100 g, 250 g, 2 kg
  • Mini pressed cheese pies
  • Sesame sticks
  • Croissant with cherry cream- 150 g
  • Mini cake - 50 g
  • Vanilla spirals - 180 g
  • Salty cheese pie- 100 g
  • Peasant's pie- 200 g
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